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ClickWork Web-Based Business Management Software

Kanban Board

Have manual task distributions been slowing your teams down? Leverage Kanban boards on ClickWork to enable your teams to share, track, and work on any tasks from anywhere!

A Complete Web-Based Software for All Businesses

Enjoy the ease of managing your business operations. From daily tasks to inventory, all can be handled from anywhere.

Online Attendance

Employees only have to check in and check out to record their attendance. Managers can check the location of employees using ClickWork’s GPS tracker.

Kanban Boards

Task tracking is simpler with ClickWork’s configurable Kanban boards. Move tasks from one stage to another seamlessly using an intuitive drag & drop function.

Task Monitoring

Managers can distribute daily tasks and keep track of their progress in a single view. It only takes one click for employees to start and finish a task.

Timesheet Management

Employees can easily create and submit their own timesheets to get approval from managers. These timesheets can be analyzed using pivot tables.

Online Discussions

Any information can be shared through the announcement and discussion boards. You can tag someone or certain people to notify them in a group chat.

Gantt Chart & S-Curve Reports

Project or daily assignment reports can be analyzed using Gantt charts and S-curve graphs. These reports can also be viewed in bars, lines, and pie charts.

Bill Management

Manage your client and vendor bills digitally. Get notifications for unpaid invoices and send payment reminders to your clients automatically.

Payment Management

ClickWork makes it easier for you to check incoming and outgoing payment status in your invoicing dashboard in a single glance.

Internal Bank Transfer

ClickWork enables you to register bank transfers in the company’s account. Every transaction will be updated in both bank journals.

Cash Flow Control

Your company’s cash flow can always be monitored no matter where you are. Get real-time financial information right from your smartphone!

Auto-Journal Posting

With ClickWork, you can seamlessly create and post journal entries both manually and automatically. You can see them all in a single view.

Auto-Financial Reporting

Generate profit & loss, balance, and cash flow statements with a few clicks. ClickWork helps you to make data-driven financial decisions.

Sales Team Management

Create multiple sales teams, determine their team leaders along with team members. Specify sales targets based on invoices & track their progress on the dashboard.

Pipeline Analysis

Create sales pipeline stages according to your preference, move leads from one stage to another based on their status, and analyze pipelines with pivot tables.

Easy Scheduling

Schedule meetings with ClickWork’s built-in calendar, choose dates to follow up with clients, specify your next actions, and set reminders for all the schedules.

Sales Order Management

Create quotations with different price lists, send them to your clients via email right from ClickWork, and convert the quotations to sales orders once validated.

Invoice Management

Create and send invoices to your clients straight from ClickWork. Get paid faster with the help of ClickWork’s auto-payment reminders that you can send to your clients.

Sales Reporting

Create sales reports by branch, date, sales team, salesperson, and so on. All sales reports can be viewed in pivot tables and various charts.

Easily Create POs

Send Requests for Quotations to your vendors easily and quickly. Convert these RFQs to Purchase Orders and send them via email right from ClickWork.

Track Shipments

Track shipments from your vendors with ClickWork. Record incoming items and update the quantity of your inventory on hand in the warehouse automatically.

Check Vendor Bills

Track all your vendor bills in a single view. Validate all the paid bills and update their payment statuses within a few seconds!

Vendor Rating

This feature enables you to rate your vendors' performance, making it easier for you make wiser purchasing decisions. Find best vendors more easily!

Price Analysis

Make wiser purchase decisions in the future by figuring out latest purchase prices & average prices through complete price analysis.

Procurement Reporting

Create various reports on your purchases with a few clicks! Analyze the data based on purchase orders, procurement dates, vendors, and so on.

Stock Level Monitoring

Get real-time information on your stock levels from all locations. Receive low-stock alerts when a product's stock level goes below predefined threshold.

Location Arrangements

Arrange the locations of stocks that you’ve just received. Select the warehouses and shelves, and update all these arrangements automatically.

Inventory Valuation

Calculate the value of your stock items automatically. Create inventory valuation reports and have them analyzed with pivot tables.

Stock Movement Tracking

Manage stock movements from one location to another. ClickWork automatically updates the inventory data right after being moved.

Serial and Lot Number Tracking

Create lot and serial numbers automatically for every product that gets in the warehouse for an easier and faster order picking process.

Stock Reporting

Create inventory reports that focus on stocks on-hand, valuation, movements, costs, and more. Use pivot analysis to create custom reports.

Manufacturing Order

With this feature, you can maintain records of goods to be produced, including their scheduled dates, quantities, locations, bill of materials, and so on.

Bill of Materials (BoM)

This feature enables you to create a list of raw materials needed to make a product. ClickWork will automatically calculate the BoMs and reduce the quantity of goods from inventory.

Product Disassembly

Use this feature when you want to disassemble a product. Record all details of the product including its BoM, serial number and lot number, quantity, location, and many more.

Accounting Integration

ClickWork Manufacturing System calculates your production costs automatically and saves the data directly to the Accounting System. This will make it easier for you to control your margins!

Inventory Integration

Connected directly to the Inventory System, ClickWork Manufacturing System helps you tracks raw materials more easily. Every item used for production will be automatically deducted from the inventory.

Manufacturing Reports

Create manufacturing reports instantly to analyze the whole manufacturing process including manufacturing orders, produced items, scrapping process, recycling process, production costs, and many more.

Online Attendance Recording

Only a single click needed to record your attendance. Check employee’s locations easily with GPS tracking.

ClickWork Web-Based Business Management Software

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