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Unused features will not consume your storage.
So you can fully optimize the storage use for unlimited tasks and records!


Affordable ERP Software for All Businesses



  • Limited to 5 users
  • 500MB Storage
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Affordable ERP Software for All Businesses


/ month / 10GB. (Applies for every 10GB usage)

  • Unlimited users
  • Scalable storage
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Affordable ERP Software for All Businesses


Monthly Yearly

2 months FREE when billed annually

  • Unlimited users
  • 20GB storage
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Frequently Asked Questions

These might be your questions too:

You can use ClickWork’s Standard Package for free with limited users and storage. In order to use ClickWork without user and storage limitations, you can upgrade your Standard Package to Advanced or Pro Package.
You can learn using all the features in ClickWork from the tutorial videos that you can see on the system after you register. You can also find the tutorial here.
ClickWork is a free web-based ERP that you can access from your browser, smartphone, or tablet. You only have to visit www.clickwork.co to register for a system and ClickWork is ready to use!
Go to the URL that you have registered for the system and insert the username and password that you use during the sign-up process.
ClickWork is a web-based SaaS application. However, at this moment ClickWork cannot be downloaded from Apps Store or Playstore. However, we will soon be available on those platforms.
You don’t need to worry about its flexibility. We assure you that ClickWork’s interface is user- and mobile-friendly. You can use it easily from any device.
ClickWork provides you remote IT support assisted by experts team which you can contact through the live chat on the ClickWork website.
ClickWork is a web-based, ready-to-use ERP system that you can immediately use after registering in ClickWork website.
You can automate your business operations for free to increase efficiency and save operational costs in your company. Moreover, you can maintain employees’ productivity and collaborate easily from everywhere in any condition!