After the circuit breaker lifted in several countries in South East Asia, there are a lot of people talking about the second wave of coronavirus in social media. People are worry because a lot of countries enact this policy, while positive cases continue to grow.

But the economy must move once again. For some people, there is no other way than to live side by side with the coronavirus. The only thing that can keep us from getting infected with this deadly virus is by maintaining hygiene and discipline. For employees that have to work from office again, using a mask and maintaining physical distancing is the best way to avoid infection. But for business owners, there is another way to prevent the second wave of coronavirus emerge from your workplace, such as replacing fingerprint machines with online attendance app.

You might wonder, how can an online attendance app able to prevent the second wave of coronavirus? Here are some benefits of online attendance app:

Prevent the second wave of coronavirus from the fingerprint machine

We already know, coronavirus spreads from one person to another mainly from their hands, either directly or indirectly. In your office, there are dozens or even hundreds of people touching the fingerprint machine every day. There’s a high probability that the virus able to move from one person to the other indirectly from the fingerprint machine or directly from the people around it.

With an online attendance app, your employees don’t have to gather in front of a fingerprint recorder anymore. Your staff online need to open the web browser from their cellphone and click the check-in before they start working. The app can help you reduce the virus transmission potential among your employee since they don’t have to touch the fingerprint machine anymore.

Your employee can input their attendance from anywhere around the world

For companies that still let their employees working from home, an online attendance app is a necessity. The app can help HR staff to control your staff attendance and maintain the employee performance even though they’re working from home.

An online attendance app is usable for every employee as long as they have an internet connection. Other than that, the software can also help the managers to monitor the employee’s location with GPS tracking features. The feature is also helpful for field workers such as the sales team.

You can schedule shifts easily

An online attendance app can also help you create shift schedules easily. You can arrange the schedule manually and then import it to the system. Aside from your employee can learn their shift swiftly, the HR team can also export the attendance data effortlessly from the system. 

It’s hard to manipulate the data

One of the setbacks of a fingerprint machine is how easy it is to manipulate its data. Since the data stored locally, anyone that has access to the fingerprint server can change the work hour data, fingerprint data, and server time. 

But the online attendance app with its cloud server storage makes it almost impossible to manipulate. Even a hacker will find it hard to penetrate layer after layers of firewalls and securities the software have. Moreover, a feature such as GPS tracking can help managers and HR staff to monitor their staff location in realtime.

Doesn’t require infrastructure installation

Unlike a fingerprint machine that requires infrastructure installation such as a server computer, online attendance app doesn’t need one. You can use the software immediately after you complete the registration process. It will reduce the server cost, which usually pretty expensive.

The best option for online attendance app is ClickWork. This software is suitable for small and medium enterprises since it has a free option with a maximum of 25 users and 2GB storage capacity.

So, should I use online ClickWork to prevent the second wave of coronavirus?

As a start, yes, of course. There are a lot of ways to minimalize the spread of this deadly virus, such as a strict physical distancing protocol, always wear a mask whenever you leave your house, and implement the online attendance app.

Hopefully, with discipline and unyielding spirit, we can go back to the normal-normal condition and prevent the second wave of coronavirus.