This article will talk about one of the essential features in ClickWork. This feature helps you in managing a project and making it efficient. Yes, it’s a Kanban board. We will start discussing the definition of Kanban board, its benefits, and how you can use it in ClickWork. 

Let’s start!

Kanban board definition

Kanban board is a visual way that helps manage tasks and workflows easily. It utilizes cards and tables. Cards represent all the tasks that the team should work on in order to accomplish a project. Tables represent the stages of the project that also imply how the project should be done. The tables are arranged in sequence. 

Literally, ‘kanban’ in Japanese means ‘billboard’. This word made its debut in business management terms when Toyota invented the Kanban system in 1940. The company used this to plan a just-in-time production in manufacturing, making it efficient.

However, Kanban board is not restricted to manufacturing only. It is now applicable to various industries. In the past, people managed their projects with a real board, but now you can have more accessibility with the digital version of it. In ClickWork, for example, you can utilize the Kanban board in internal collaboration and sales modules.

The benefits of Kanban board

Utilizing Kanban in project management helps your team to visualize, manage, and optimize their tasks. Here are some of its benefits:

  • Better project development visualization
  • Improves efficiency
  • Increases productivity
  • Prevent poorly distributed tasks
  • Helps decide team focus
  • Reduces waste and unnecessary tasks
  • More flexible
  • Enhances collaboration
  • Improves the company’s culture
  • Helps predict the future of the project/company in general

Kanban board in ClickWork

You can see Kanban in internal collaboration and sales modules. In internal collaboration, the Kanban is useful to manage the project from each department along with the tasks that should be accomplished. 

Meanwhile, in the sales module, Kanban board is beneficial to monitor the winning processes of a lead to become a client. You can manage all the stages based on how you want it to be in both modules. 

This is the Kanban board in ClickWork.

Although Kanban boards are in two different modules, this tutorial will discuss how you can use the system in internal collaboration only. Another tutorial for the sales module will be in a different article as the task completion processes are quite different from internal collaboration.

Step 1

Choose internal collaboration on the menu. 

Before you can see the Kanban board, you should create a project first. Click “Create” in top right, then fill out the project name. 

Step 2

There, you can see an empty Kanban board. There are eight tables in total, from “New” to “Done”. You can edit the names of the table by clicking the setting icon on each table. Then choose “Edit Stage” if you want to change its name or “Delete” if you want to delete a stage. 

Tick on “Default for New Projects” if the stages will apply to all projects. If you don’t wish so, ignore it. 

Step 3

Now, you can see the Kanban board with the stages that you have edited. To create a new task, click the icon “+”, fill out the task name, assign it, and arrange its deadline. Then click “Add”.

You can see the details of the task by clicking a particular task. You can also set the planned hours of that this task will consume. 

Step 4

When you have listed all the tasks, the assigned person can start working on their tasks by clicking the green play button. As they click it, the system will automatically record the time spent on that task. 

Step 5

Once the task is done, you can move the tasks to the other stages. You can move it by doing the drag and drop. The system will update the stages if you open then the task’s detail and how much time the assigned person works on it. 

This is how the Kanban board will look like after the drag and drop according to the project accomplishment processes.

This is how the task’s details look like if you have updated the stages.

Once you have enough data and tasks in your system, you can generate the reports with various matrixes. There, you can review the progress of your project and employees’ productivity. It’s all in one!


Kanban board is very purposeful to keep the project on track and effective. Have you tried this feature in your ClickWork account?

If you haven’t, go sign up for one and manage your project and your business operations as a whole easier. It’s a free ERP software

Do you have a question about using our Kanban boar or other features in ClickWork? Don’t hesitate to contact our customer service in the system!

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