Now, you have registered your company for an ERP System in ClickWork and you’re wondering what to do next. Well, the first thing that you can (and must) do is adding your employees as a user and manage their access rights in the system. 

Remember that ClickWork ERP facilitates all your employees to collaborate in one platform. So, don’t get it wrong. It might cross your mind that one registration is for one personwhich is wrong. One system is enough to take your employees on board virtually with granted security.

This is how you add the users and manage their access rights:

Step 1

First, you must create groups for each division. For example, you want to manage the access rights for the business development department. You should create the business development group then determine the group’s access rights.

Go to “Settings” then choose “Access Rights Group”. You can see the dashboard showing the list of all groups. 

Step 2

To create a new group, click “Create”. Fill out the group name and choose the access rights which you will allow the group to have. Access rights groups will prevent the employees from accessing a platform or documents that they are not supposed to see. Click “Save” to proceed to the next step.

You can create the groups as many as you need.

Step 3

After creating all of the groups, you can add the users and determine which access rights group they belong to. To add a user, click “User”, then “Create”.

Step 4

Fill out employee information and determine their access group. You can see several tabs below it.

  1. Access Right” contains access which can be accessed by the user once you select them.
  2. OAuth” tab contains the information of the user authorization.
  3. Preferences” contains which branch that the user can access and their language and time zone.
  4. For now, you can ignore the other “Point of sales” and “Hidden Menus” tabs on the right. 

Click “Save” once you’re done. 

Step 5

To allow the user to sign in into the system, click “Send an Invitation Email”.

When the user has accepted and made an attempt to sign in, the status will change from “Never Connected” to “Confirmed”. 

The system is ready to use!

After all of the employees can access the system, you can now collaborate with them easily on the same platform anywhere at any time. 

You can add up to 25 people in the system for free. However, if you have employees exceeding that number, you can upgrade the system by contacting our support team! You will get unlimited users and extra storage!

Now, it’s your turn to try these steps! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask ClickWork’s support team during office hours.