Looking to increase business knowledge without having to invest in expensive training? You’ve come to the right page! There are many webinars that you can attend for free. Webinar organizers provide topics that are useful for the development of your business. For those who are just starting out, don’t need to worry, because some of these free webinars also provide tips and tricks for starting a business successfully. Let’s check these out!

1. ClickWork’s Free Webinars

5 Free Webinars You Can Attend for Your Business Growth

ClickWork is business management software designed to facilitate the management of business operations through a website-based platform. ClickWork provides a free webinar once a week to help both those  who want to learn to use ClickWork and business people who want to switch from the manual way to the automated way of managing a business.

On each webinar, ClickWork provides different topics related to business development as well as system tutorials. Some topics that have been discussed in the ClickWork webinar are: “How to Manage Production”, “How to Manage Transaction Data”, “How to Monitor Data and Communicate with Internal Teams”, “How to Improve Team Collaboration”, and many more .

In order to be able to take part in this webinar, you only need to register on the ClickWork’s website page by selecting the webinar schedule you want and filling out a short form. Next, you will be sent a webinar link by a ClickWork representative.

2. Entrepreneur Hackathon Webinars

5 Free Webinars You Can Attend for Your Business Growth

Do you have a dream to become an entrepreneur or build  your own startup company? During the COVID-19 pandemic, it may seem difficult to get started. However, by mastering enough business knowledge, you’ll be able to build strategies to start your business more easily. One of the efforts you can do is to watch a free entrepreneurship webinar held by Hackathon, a collaborative software project development event.

Some of the topics discussed in this webinar are: “How to Develop a Business Plan”, “How to Finance Your Business”, “How to Find Interesting Business Ideas”, How to Grow Your Business”, and much more. To attend the webinar, you can first register through EventBrite.

3. Ecommerce Expansion 2.0

This is one of the webinars that challenge you to start your own business in the new normal era by creating an eCommerce. Some of the topics covered in this free webinar hosted by MummyCommerce are:

  • The cheapest way to start an online business without having IT skills
  • Why starting eCommerce is much cheaper than opening a brick-and-mortar store
  • How to use social media to reach a global audience
  • How to create a lucrative online business by utilizing the social media latest trends 
  • How to automate business and generate passive income

You can join this webinar by registering through EventBrite.

4. Jonathan Aditya Mulyono’s Webinars

For those of you who are interested in running a business from home and want to master the strategies, then this webinar is suitable for you. The free webinar hosted by Jonathan Aditya Mulyono offers interesting topics for you to learn such as how to find a safe business in any condition, how to increase business turnover, and how to create a business from home. To take part in this webinar, you only need to register yourself on the website.

5. HashMicro’s Webinars

5 Free Webinars You Can Attend for Your Business Growth

The ERP software service provider previously used to hold quarterly seminars routinely. After the pandemic, HashMicro continues to hold webinars that bring a variety of interesting, thematic topics for a lot of industries. Some webinar topics that have been discussed by HashMicro are:

  • Reviving the Retail Industry in the eCommerce Era
  • Improving Business Efficiency with ERP Software
  • Industry 4.0 Transformation in Manufacturing & Logistics
  • How to Prepare Your Business for a Post-Pandemic Future
  • How to Manage Your Business Amid Coronavirus Crisis

To make it easier for you to find out information about HashMicro’s free webinars, you can subscribe to HashMicro’s website to get updates about the webinar schedules.