The F&B business is still attractive among entrepreneurs until this day. The main reason is that you can channel your passion into your business, such as cooking and food photography.

Recently, Instagram has become one of the most effective promotional media for F&B businesses. Many restaurants are trying to put the best pictures of their food on Instagram to reach more potential customers.

In the end, we hope that those who see the picture end up coming to the restaurant or order it online to satisfy their curiosity after seeing the photo. So, what is the best way to make the food looks more appealing? Here are some tips you can try:

Display a small portion of your food

use a small portion

A small portion dish can make people who see the photo more focused on the dish itself compared to the objects around it. Also, the small portion gives a higher aesthetic impression compared to the food menu photo with a full plate portion.

In terms of photography techniques, a large portion tends to make the viewer hard to focus on the food since there are many objects in the picture, and it’s even worse if you use a cellphone camera for food photography.

Take the picture while the food still hot

Food photography

For food that’s better enjoyed while it’s still hot, you need to emphasize this on the photo. A steamy soup or grilled meat like the picture above can make anyone who sees it wants to take a bite or two.

But, please keep in mind that you have limited time to take the best photo. Steam from hot food will dissipate quickly, so prepare everything you need before the food is on the table, such as the background, tripod, or adjusting the lighting.

Food photography’s expert tips: turn off your flash

No flash

Many food photography experts suggest turning off the flash when taking food photos. Flash from your camera can make food looks greasy even though it is not.

Instead, you can try using natural light sources. All you have to do is adjust the angle of the photo to make the food looks fresh and appealing. You can also use artificial lighting, such as a softbox.

Take the photo from various angles

Food photography

We can see a lot of people taking their food photos from the top angle. Usually, this photo is suitable for Instagram posts. But the picture cannot show the details of the dish very well on the menu books. You can try another angle, such as from 45-degree angles.

Do not afraid to explore several angles until you found the best one. Take some pictures and compare them, and then choose the best photo to put on the menu or post on your restaurant social media.

Simple food photography tips: use food ingredients as props

Food photography

Make your food ingredients as ornaments to enhance your shots. Not only makes the photo looks more colorful, but the food ingredients also useful as food nutrients information.

For example, if you sell juices, you can make the photo looks even more appealing by some fruits around the glass. In this way, you add a stronger “fresh” impression to the orange juice.

Conclusion about food photography

Some people said that food photography is difficult. Yes, it is easy if all you have to do is take a photo. But achieving the optimal result requires a lot of knowledge and experience. Therefore, many restaurant or café entrepreneurs end up using the services of professional photographers to make their menu pictures looks more appealing.

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