Now you’re on the website called ClickWork and wondering what on earth is that? To answer your curiosity, in short, ClickWork is a service that provides you with free ERP Software. 

ClickWork entered the business automation field in April 2020, precisely when the COVID-19 pandemic transformed how people work. It turned out many companies were unable to keep up with the productivity they used to have before working from home became mandatory. This event is the background of ClickWork’s development.

Then, what exactly can ClickWork do? Well, this article will take you to get acquainted with ClickWork. We will talk about what ERP is, how ClickWork can help your remote work, and what makes ClickWork stand out amongst its competitors. 

Let’s check it out!

What is ERP Software?

Free ERP Software

ERP is the abbreviation for Enterprise Resource Planning. It is a set of system that consists of several modules that are integrated with one another. All of the integrated modules automate business processes. The activities and data that the user input in the system will be neatly stored in the database. This is why ERP software is capable of giving its users real-time data accurately. 

The modules that are common in an ERP system are accounting, HRM, sales, purchasing, inventory, and project management. In a more complex company, it can encompass visitor management to manufacturing. In other words, ERP covers all industries. 

There are three types of ERP development: on-premise, cloud, and hybrid. On-premise is the in-house system that is built on the company’s server. Cloud is the system that depends on the internet connection because it uses the vendor’s server. Hybrid is the system that combines both on-premise and cloud. 

Can you guess which one is Click Work? Yes, ClickWork is a cloud-based ERP. 

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How does Free ERP from ClickWork help you?


ClickWork has the essential modules of ERP software: internal collaboration, sales, purchasing, inventory, and accounting. These modules are crucial in helping business operations remotely. Here is a brief explanation of each module. 

Internal Collaboration

Internal collaboration is the heart of work-from-home. This module has all features that help everyone on the board to communicate and distribute and monitor all tasks seamlessly. 

The system records employees’ sign-in and sign-out time and their GPS location as well. Therefore, your company can have measured and normal working hours as usual. When they work, the manager can see how effective their task completions are with the kanban board. 

Moreover, there is a feature that allows you to store all announcements and knowledge about companies on the same platform. So, missed chat bubbles in text messaging app is not an excuse anymore for not knowing certain information. 

Sales Management

A solid sales team is the key success of businesses. In ClickWork’s sales module, there is a pipeline management feature. There, you can see the sales team leaders, members, their targets, their performance, and all activities regarding leads conversion processes. 

Not only can you monitor sales activities, but the system also automates purposeful sales activities. You won’t have to create quotations or sales orders and send them through email manually anymore. You can also generate the reports in a few seconds!

It’s the right time to recall how many hours you’ve spent on those activities when automation is readily available.

Purchasing and Inventory Management

Now that we talk about products with fast movement, can you imagine how much paper wasted to record all your inventory data? Or how many spreadsheets that you have on your PC? There must be a lot.

In ClickWork, you won’t have to record the movement of your products in paper or offline spreadsheet documents anymore. The system stores all data regarding the purchasing and documents in one platform. 

You can manage RFQ, purchase order, goods delivery, and reporting automatically. When the products arrive, you can immediately manage the catalog, locations, and create the reports of stock movement, valuation, and cards automatically. 


This is one of the important modules that can save your time. The system records all transactions both debit and credit. The data will automatically sync to your journals. So, there is no more working on your book manually or spending time pondering why your book is not balanced. 

Just like the other modules, the system automates the reporting. You can set various matrixes easily and fast. Therefore, you can always keep track of your company’s financial health. 

Why should you choose ClickWork?


There are many software providers that are similar to ClickWork out there, but why is the free ERP Software from ClickWork the best?

Well, most of the providers offer the user single module use only. It means that they only provide sales, accounting, or collaboration separately. The module from one vendor may not be able to be integrated with services from other vendors. Consequently, you need to subscribe to many software providers at a time while not getting thorough information about your business performance. 

Meanwhile, ClickWork is an ERP system where all modules are integrated with one another. You can work on your tasks easily because it’s on the same platform and the insights that you can get from it is broader. 

In terms of pricing, ClickWork is relatively cheap. You can use all the features without having to upgrade to unlock them. It’s literally a free ERP Software. Paid upgrade only applies when you need extra storage. The payment is also flexible because it depends on how much storage you have used each month. 

Although it’s cheap, ClicWork guarantees its quality and capability. Initially, ClickWork development was meant for large-scale enterprises. However, feeling the necessity to help companies to keep up with the new normal due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the system is simplified so you can use ClickWork immediately without having to install it beforehand. That is why ClickWork’s features and interface are much more advanced than other software. 

Some of the features that really simplifies work from home are the GPS for attendance marking and WhatsApp integration. For every update occurring in the system, employees will receive notifications through their WhatsApp to improve productivity. These features are one of a kind that other providers don’t have. 

ClickWork in the near future

Then, what will happen to ClickWork after the pandemic is over? You can still use ClickWork and keep your subscription plan when everything is back to normal. The main purpose of ClickWork is to help business operations from everywhere at any time.

In the future, ClickWork plans to expand the modules into manufacturing, POS, project, and more with the same package subscription plan.

However, if you think you need the other modules immediately, you can contact our customer service. The admins will gladly give you a free consultation about the ERP system that finds your convenience at best. 

What are you waiting for? Get your free ERP Software now!