The more production your factory can squeeze out in a period of time, the more money you make, right? But what exactly needs to be done to improve your manufacturing productivity? Here are seven ways you can try to increase productivity at your manufacturing plant!

1. Evaluate your workflow

In order to improve manufacturing productivity, you need to first improve your workflow. This means taking several factors into account including the number of employees, machines and equipment, factory repairs, raw material management, and so on. From here, you will know which areas need to be improved.

2. Check and maintain equipment regularly

Replacing manufacturing equipment can be very expensive, this is why conducting regular checks and maintenance is important. Factory equipment is a valuable asset that determines the production capacity at your manufacturing plant. Equipment failure can delay or even stop the production process. Therefore, it is also essential to ensure that your employees are truly competent and understand the equipment very well.

3. Apply lean manufacturing principles

The principles of lean manufacturing have long been known as a manufacturing method that focuses on waste reduction, efficient inventory management, and optimal use of machinery. If implemented consistently, this will certainly have a significant impact on your manufacturing productivity. The principles of lean manufacturing are summarized in what is known as ‘5 S’s’:

Seiri: sort tools, parts, and instructions by their necessity

Seiton: organize equipment and parts so that they’re easy to identify and use

Seiso: keep the factory area clean

Seiketsu: make schedules for a smooth manufacturing process

Shitsuke: consistently apply the first 4 lean manufacturing principles at all times

4. Improve manufacturing productivity with automation

Aside from using hardware, you should also leverage software to simplify all the processes at your manufacturing plant. ClickWork’s manufacturing module can be the best solution to improve your manufacturing productivity. With this module, you can seamlessly arrange manufacturing orders, record and track inventory, plan product recycling and disassembly, and analyze these processes. 

5. Train your employees continuously

Your employees are critical assets. That’s why it is important to support them so that they can always work competently. Provide training to improve their ability to operate equipment, utilize software, work more efficiently and be more focused on their tasks.

6. Optimize your inventory management

You will have difficulty meeting your consumers’ demands without having a steady resupply of inventory. Having too much stock on hand will only take up storage space and risk the quality of your stock. However, having too little stock is not good either since it can lead to downtime and impact fatally on your sales.

The most correct way is to maintain your inventory in the right quantity. Therefore, it is important to have your stock levels checked at all times. With ClickWork, you can easily track inventory levels in real time and reorder with suppliers automatically. There is no need to worry about your raw materials!

7. Organize the workspace

For maximum manufacturing productivity, you must pay attention to the layout of your floor plan. Properly managing your manufacturing machinery, equipment and materials will not only increase productivity at your manufacturing facility, but will also help create a safe work environment for employees to do their jobs.