The popularity of street food business is skyrocketing recently. We can see a lot of unique snacks or drinks on street food stalls. The height of interest from the community to street foods piques the curiosity of some business people.

Not only it has high sales potentials, but starting a street food stall only requires a little amount of money. So, if you want to start this kind of business, make sure you follow these tips and tricks before you begin. Let’s start with the first tip.

Six tips to start your street food business

Here are some things to consider before you start selling your food:

Make sure you have the best ingredients

The ingredients quality is essential in the F&B business. Quality ingredients will determine your food taste. It’s what differs you from your competitors.

Fresh ingredients also make your food rich in nutrients and healthy. You can include the nutritional content of your food on the packaging to assure customers that your food is using the best ingredients.

Strategic business location

Location picking plays a significant role in the F&B business. A spot with a lot of people passing by makes your business easy to spot and find. Pick a place around public roads that has a lot of traffic, but avoid placing your stall on the side of the streets. Aside from unhealthy dust, the customers queueing on the roadside will disturb other drivers.

If you sell your food online, picking the right place will tremendously help Deliveroo, Foodpanda, and GrabFood drivers to find your business. Also, make sure you provide some seatings and small tables for customers who want to dine in or for online delivery drivers to wait for their food.

Create attractive packaging

As a street food vendor, you need to understand that taste is not everything. Your food appearance also plays a crucial part so that your customers won’t hesitate to take photos of the food and upload it on their Instagram account. The point is, make your food Instagramable.

It’s going to benefit you in the long run. With more and more Instagram users uploading your food, more people will flock on your street food stall. It’s because you’re not the one who does the marketing, your customers do. Your customers’ honest reviews are the best marketing for your business.

Create your social media account

Still related to the previous tip, you also need to make your Instagram account. Aside from getting more customers online, social media is also useful as your business presence on the internet. With an Instagram account, customers can tag your account to their posts.

Social media makes it easy for business owners to promote their products, including the food and beverage industry. You also can hire food vloggers to increase your follower amount. This way, your business will gain more popularity and increase potential sales.

Maintain hygiene

Cleanliness is an absolute must in the food and beverage industry. There is enough proof already that customers prefer a clean restaurant even though the food taste is so-so, compared to a restaurant with delicious food but with a dirty place. Remove dirty dishes from the table before the next customer sits there. Make sure you also clean all the trashes such as tissue and plastic wrappings under the table, if any.

Since the pandemic outbreak, more and more people realize the importance of self-hygiene, especially with what they’re going to eat. If possible, clean your desks with disinfectant frequently, and make sure everyone in your stalls using masks and gloves all the time.

Use software to improve sales

The last tip is; try to use software that enables you to manage your business efficiently. There is a lot of software that can help you run your business, such as an inventory management system, accounting software, sales software, and procurement system. 

You might think that using software is pricy, but not with ClickWork. There are some features that useful for various business models, such as retail, service business, and also the F&B business. Moreover, ClickWork’s subscription price is very affordable compared to other ERP software providers.


Those are six tips you can try to help you start your street food business. Check out other business management articles by clicking the following link: CLICK HERE