Sales objections are common in the retail business. No matter what you sell, there will always be customers that complain about something when shopping at your store. Usually, the objections come from those who unsure, uninterested, or don’t necessarily need your merchandise.

But if you can be a little creative, you can turn those objections into a powerful weapon to close the deal. In this article, we will discuss five common sales objections in the retail business and how to deal with it professionally.

But, please don’t push your customers to buy from you. Respect their decision if they can’t afford to buy your merchandise or choose your competitor instead. There are times when your customer is in “just looking around” mode. If you find one, don’t apply these tips on them. 

Here are five common sales objections and how to deal with it:

Sales objection #1: It’s too pricey!

Yeah, you must hear this at least once or twice a day. For this one, you need to figure out what makes them think your merchandise is pricy. Is it because the price is beyond their budget limit, or your competitor offers a better price? Make sure you figure it out before you start asking questions.

To deal with our first sales objection, tell your customers about the advantages of your product. Let them know what makes your product better than your competitors’. But, make sure that the customer needs that feature.

For example, your customer complaining that their current cellphone runs out of battery so quickly. You can offer them a phone with 5000 mAh battery capacity so they won’t experience the same thing ever again. Even though it’s expensive, your customer will consider buying the phone since they need that feature.

Sales objection #2: I think buying online is cheaper

Recently a lot of visitors who compares prices from brick and mortar store with the online store. For this one, you can explain how online shopping has some disadvantages rather than buying it directly from the store.

First, they don’t have to pay for shipment and wait for their purchase arrives at home within days. Yes, some expedition companies offer same-day delivery service, but the shipping cost will be more expensive compared to they go to a store to buy the thing. Second, the customer can see the product first hand and don’t have to worry that the item they buy is not as expected or damaged during shipment and return it later

Sales objection #3: I need to consult with my significant other first

If the customer requires approval from their spouse, parents, or their boss before purchasing, you can try asking them what kind of concerns their significant others have.

If their significant other is around, it might not be a problem for you. But if not, and the customer trying to call them, stay near to your customer in case you need to answer some questions.

The point is, the best way to handle this situation is by asking some questions. Through questions, you can conclude whether the customer really needs approval from their significant other or only make them as an excuse. After you get a conclusion, you can proceed with the right action.

Sales objection #4: I have a poor experience with this product

If you meet a person who has a poor experience with your product, don’t be defensive! Try to put yourself in their shoes and ask them their experience in detail. Try to apologize if it comes from your product or brand.

If you know the main problem is and how to handle it, let them know that you already address the problem, and it won’t happen again on the latest version of that product. You also can try to recommend the product from another brand that has better quality.

Sales objection #5: I’m happy with what I have right now

Sometimes we find a customer that compare your product with what they have at home. There are two ways to deal with this kind of customer. First is by showing your latest product has more advantages compared to the customer’s product.

For example, a customer comparing his cable mouse with your Bluetooth mouse. Tell them how the Bluetooth mouse will change his life and probably will not ever use a mouse with cable ever again.

The second way is by giving them a sample product for those who never use it before. This trick is common among retailers that sell consumables or food and beverage products.

Wrapping it up

Facing various sales objections is requires extra patience. In addition to the five examples above, there still many others you can find in your retail business. Check out our other business management tips and tricks in our latest articles. Good luck!